Let’s enjoy life despite our age!

We live in a time of very dynamic change. Before our eyes, technology is developing at a tremendous pace, climate change is occurring, and our society is growing older. We are living longer and longer, and so are our friends and loved ones. Contrary to popular opinion, the aging of society is a very positive process. However, in order to fully enjoy life despite our age, we need to adapt the environment we live in to the needs of an increasingly older society.

Our mission

The Mimo Wieku Foundation’s mission is to design, implement and promote age-friendly solutions. Particular emphasis is placed on spatial solutions related to the functioning of cities, in line with the World Health Organization’s idea of age-friendly cities and communities. It consists of 8 thematic areas including housing, mobility and public spaces. Studies show that the quality of the residential environment is the most important factor affecting our health (much more than medical care or genetic predisposition). Therefore, it is very important to create housing and outdoor spaces so that they are safe and allow interaction with others.

Our projects

The Mimo Wieku Foundation operates both nationally and internationally. It is a partner in a European project under the Erasmus+ program and is a member of European networks of similar entities.

We organize trainings and workshops on adapting spaces to the needs of the elderly. We cooperate with private as well as public entities. More information can be found in the projects tab.

News & Events

BIG Game’s workshop

On December 17 a workshop was held, during which in an intergenerational group we tested fragments of the Big Game: BIG game. The workshop was attended by students of Warsaw University of Technology and seniors of CAM Nowolipie, a total of 14 people.

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