Our projects

The Foundation engages in projects of various scales, from local activities to projects implemented in international consortia. We invite you to learn more about our activities:

BIG Game

Educational game: Building Inclusive environments for all Generations (BIG)

Hard to access environments, namely in neighbourhoods, public spaces and the social and commercial infrastructure, are a major risk for social exclusion. Especially persons with physical, mental or social restraints are often overlooked by people who design these environments. Also, people in particular temporarily circumstances, such as pregnancy or having a child in a buggy may experience issues. The project website: big-game.eu

BIG Game

Hands on SHAFE Smart Healthy Age Friendly Environments

The Foundation has become an associate partner of the Erasmus+ project: “Hands on SHAFE Smart Healthy Age Friendly Environments” hands-on-shafe.eu. As part of the project, training courses have been developed to provide skills such as adapting an apartment to the needs of an elderly person.